For Admins: Why are users missing from the Admin-Managed Sync list?

If you've completed the setup of Admin-Managed Sync but some or all users are missing from the list, review the potential causes below:

  1. Users need to be registered and activated with Cirrus Insight.
    • New users should first sign into Cirrus Insight from either the side panel or the Dashboard. Then, you can activate their Cirrus Insight user records from the Dashboard.
  2. Users' G Suite email addresses need to match the user information stored in Cirrus Insight's database.
    • If users' email addresses have changed since they first registered with Cirrus Insight, contact your Cirrus Insight account representative or support.
  3. Ensure the domain(s) you authorized in step 5 of the setup guide contain your Cirrus Insight user base.
    • This applies if your G Suite org has multiple domains.
  4. If your G Suite org has limited which Organizational Units (OUs) have access to the Cirrus Insight Cloud App, make sure all Cirrus Insight users are a part of that OU. Alternatively, you can remove OU restrictions and allow org-wide access in G Suite.
  5. If your organization has multiple G Suite accounts, set up Admin-Managed Sync for the account that Cirrus Insight users are a part of.
    • Currently, Admin-Managed Sync supports one G Suite account at a time.

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