How do I trial the new Cirrus Insight?


The new Cirrus Insight brings all the best features from Cirrus Insight 2019 into a more refined, reliable, and easy-to-use offering that reduces CRM friction and helps close deals.

Trial Process

First, connect with your Cirrus Insight Admin before installing or signing in to the new Cirrus Insight.

We want the trial process to be friction-free, which is why we highly recommend a coordinated team approach to ensure a smooth and successful experience. Your admin can review For Admins: How do I upgrade my org to the new Cirrus Insight?.

Pre-installation Requirements

We built in safeguards to prevent record duplication if you currently use Calendar/Email Sync for Cirrus Insight 2019 and want to try out the syncs in the new Cirrus Insight.

That said, we do recommend disabling Email/Calendar Sync from the 2019 Dashboard before enabling syncs for the new Cirrus Insight, just as an extra precaution.

  • If switching back and forth between products, repeat the process as needed for each product.
  • Your account representative or Support can provide all the necessary details to accomplish this.

After coordinating with your Cirrus Insight Admin, you can take the following steps to begin a trial.


1. Sign into the 2019 Dashboard and confirm that Email Sync and Calendar Sync are disabled.

    2. Install the new Cirrus Insight for Gmail or Install the new Cirrus Insight for Outlook.

      3. Disable or uninstall Cirrus Insight 2019 from your inbox. 

      4. Coordinate with your Admin to establish trial objectives and/or to set an upgrade timeline.

      Updated June 2021

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