How do I install Cirrus Insight for Office 365?

1. Navigate to Outlook Web App (

2. Open an email and select the three horizontal dots in the top right of the email.

3. From the resulting menu, select Get Add-ins.

4. From the lefthand menu, select My add-ins. Scroll down to the Custom add-ins section and click + Add custom add-in. Then choose Add from URL…

5. Highlight and copy the URL below:

6. Paste the URL into the Add private add-in from a URL window and then press OK.

7. Select Install.

8. Below Custom Add-ins, you'll see Cirrus Insight has been added. You can then close the Add-ins window by clicking the X in the top right.

9. Similarly to step 2, open an email and click the three horizontal dots in the top right of the email. Then select Cirrus Insight and Open Sidebar.

10. Click the Sign In To Salesforce button.


| Updated Aug. 2019

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