How do I enable and use Email Sync?

Email Sync is a background process that automatically logs emails to and from leads/contacts to Salesforce. 

Enable Email Sync

1. From Gmail, navigate to Cirrus Insight Settings (the wrench icon in the top menu bar).

2. From the left menu, click Email Sync. You can select one of two options:

- Sync All Emails will automatically log both outbound and inbound emails into Salesforce

- Only Sync Replies and Responses to Emails I’ve Previously Saved to Salesforce means you'll need to to initialize the process by using the Add to Salesforce feature (How do I manually add an email to Salesforce?). After you do this, additional replies to that thread will automatically be synced.

After you enable Email Sync, it will continue to run in the background whether you are logged into your Gmail account or not.

Smart Link

If your organization has enabled the Smart Link feature, you can enable and customize this setting from the Cirrus Insight Dashboard. Smart Link will automatically relate synced emails to an additional Salesforce record of your choosing. Note, these settings also apply to Calendar Sync.

3. Navigate to your Personal Email Sync Settings in the Cirrus Insight Dashboard

4. Click the radio button beside Automatically link synced emails with: and create your sync logic using the values in the three dropdown fields.

5. Select Update.


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