How do I enable Email Sync (with an Office 365 email server)?


Email Sync is a background process that will automatically log your emails to Salesforce. It runs around-the-clock so your emails stay up-to-date in Salesforce.

If you use an Office 365 email server, follow the steps below to enable Email Sync:


1. Navigate to the following URL and sign in with your Salesforce credentials:

2. Click the radio button beside Office 365. Click the Begin Authorization button.

3. Sign in with your Office 365 credentials and grant any necessary permissions.

4. Click the Enable Email Sync button.


  • Email Sync will only sync emails to/from existing contacts or leads. If you're communicating with a new email address, create a new contact or lead record from the Cirrus Insight sidebar. This ensures all your communications are logged in Salesforce.
  • Currently, Email Sync is not supported if you use an Exchange email server.

Reviewed Jan. 2021

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