For Admins: How do I edit searchable email fields?


Cirrus Insight relies on email addresses to search Salesforce for matching contacts/leads. If your Salesforce organization has more than one email address field on the contact or lead object, this can throw off the search results that Cirrus Insight uses. 

For example, there could be a "referred by" email field that causes Cirrus Insight to pull up the referrer rather than the contact. This can occur even if the field is not visible on the page layout.


  • Cirrus Insight is loading the wrong contact/lead into the sidebar
  • Emails added to Salesforce are related to the wrong contact/lead
  • Events synced to Salesforce are related to the wrong contact/lead and/or unrelated contacts/leads are being invited to events


If you're experiencing some or all of the above symptoms, your Salesforce org most likely has more than field on the contact/lead object where the field type = email.

To resolve this, the Cirrus Insight admin can sign into to the Cirrus Insight Dashboard and take the following steps:

1. Navigate to Organization Settings (

2. Check the Searchable Email Fields setting.

3. Select Change Email Fields.


4. Uncheck any email fields that Cirrus Insight should not use to find matching contacts/leads.

5. Click the Save Changes button.


As an alternative solution, the Salesforce admin can change the field type from "email" to "text" in Salesforce.

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