For Admins: How can I set up Calendar Sync with multiple Exchange service accounts?

If your Microsoft Exchange organization uses multiple service accounts and you want to enable Calendar Sync, there are a number of important steps you must complete. We'd recommend first reaching out to your Cirrus Insight Success Manager, Account Executive, or the support team at


You'll need Cirrus Insight Admin permissions in order to set up Calendar Sync for your org.

Cirrus Insight requires a service account with impersonation rights to all the Exchange calendars that your org will want to sync. To set this up, please begin by following the steps in our guide, For Admins: How do I configure the Impersonation Role for Exchange Calendar Sync?

Setting Up the Initial Exchange Service Account

1. Begin by completing all the steps in our guide:

For Admins: How to enable Exchange Calendar Sync

Adding More Service Accounts

2. After the initial service account is successfully set up, you can add more service accounts. Make sure to verify additional service accounts at 

3. Then, navigate to this hidden setup page:

This will take you to a page titled License Service Accounts:


4. Click the red New Service Account button. Select the appropriate Cirrus Insight license, add your Exchange information, and click Create Service Account.


Once saved, you’ll see it in the list of your service accounts:


And that's it! You can repeat the process for any additional service accounts you wish to set up. 

User Setup

After the admin setup is completed, your users will need to enable Calendar Sync by completing the steps in our guide, How do I enable Exchange Calendar Sync for Outlook?

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