For Admins: How to enable Exchange Calendar Sync


You'll need Cirrus Insight Admin permissions in order to set up Calendar Sync for your org. If you need to be granted CI Admin rights, please contact your account representative.

Cirrus Insight requires a service account with impersonation rights to all Exchange calendars that your org will want to sync. To set this up, please begin by following the steps in our guide, For Admins: How do I configure the Impersonation Role for Exchange Calendar Sync?

Service Account Verification

After the Service Account is set up, go to and do the following:

1. Click the Service Account Access (Developers) radio button.


2. Fill out the form using the below example as a guide:


3. Click the Verify button to ensure you have everything filled out correctly and receive a successful response (with no exceptions/warnings) to all the settings.

Cirrus Insight Setup

After the service account has been verified, you'll need to complete the Cirrus Insight setup:

4. Navigate to

5. Click the Change Sync Options button.


7. Under Platforms, select the Exchange tab.

8. Check the Enable Exchange Calendar Sync box. Then, enter in your Exchange server settings. If you don’t know these, contact your Exchange administrator.


9. Once you’re done, click Save Changes.

10. Finally, users will need to enable their own Calendar Sync by following the steps in our guide, How do I enable Exchange Calendar Sync for Outlook?

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