How do I use Link Tracking to count how many times my email's hyperlink is clicked?

If you send a hyperlink in an email, Link Tracking allows you to determine how many times that link is clicked. Plus, you can find out who clicked it, when and where.

First, enable Link Tracking in your CI Settings:

1) Click the Settings wrench icon.

2) Choose Tracking from the menu on the left.

3) Check the box to Enable Link Tracking.


Then, the link itself needs to be created using the link button in the Gmail compose window.

4) Create your email and ensure the Tracking button is set to ON (illuminated blue).

5) Highlight the specific word or words within your text to make into a hyperlink.

6) Click on the Link icon on the bottom toolbar.


7) In the Edit Link window, type or paste the URL where you want your link to point.

8) Click OK.

Note: The text you hyperlink in step 5-7 should be not resemble a URL (e.g. "") or it will not be tracked. This behavior is to help prevent emails being marked as spam.


9) From the compose window, you can click on the hyperlink to expose a small preview that will allow you to edit the link if needed.


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