For Admins: How can I change my users' Flight Plans permissions?

By default, users on a Flight Plans license will have the ability to access and use Flights but not to create new Flight Plans. As a Cirrus Insight Admin, you can grant users the permission to create/manage Flight Plans, or you can even disable access to the Flight Plans feature entirely. 

To do so, begin by signing into the Account Dashboard at

Then follow these steps:

1. Select Settings from the top menu.

2. Choose Organization Settings from the dropdown.

3. Select Flight Plans from the left-side menu.

4. Click the Manage Users button.

5. Optional: Use the Admins/Regular Users filter to narrow down results, or use the Search to find specific users.

6. To allow users to access Flights but not to create/edit Flight Plans, leave both boxes unchecked.

7. To allow users to create/edit Flight Plans, check the Manage Flight Plans box.

8. To disable access to the Flight Plans feature, check the Disable Flight Plans box.

9. Once your selections are complete, click the Close button.

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