How do I create an Email Campaign?

You can use Email Campaigns to send template-based emails to up to 500 recipients at a time. To create a Campaign, follow these steps:

1. From the left-side menu in Gmail, click the blue Campaign button (choose it from the mass email dropdown menu if necessary).

2. Type out a Campaign Name. Then, build your recipient list from a report, list view, CSV, or manual entry (see more information about each method below). To continue, click the green Choose Template button.

  • Build from Report
    • Search for a Salesforce report that includes the leads or contacts you want to email.
  • Build from List View 
    • Choose whether you want to use a lead or a contact list view, and then select the list. 
    • Use the Manage List Views button to work with your list views in Salesforce.
  • CSV Upload
  • Manual Entry
    • Type or paste email addresses separated by commas.

Note: Reports and list views must include email address, first name, and last name fields. They should use the Salesforce standard "Email" field (rather than a custom email field).

3. From the Templates selection screen, decide whether you want to use a Salesforce template or a Cirrus Insight template, or if you want to create a new template. To select a template for your Campaign, simply click on the template name.

Refer to the following key that explains the functions available on the Templates screen:

  • A: Choose a Salesforce template folder. 
  • B: Refresh Salesforce templates.
  • C: Manage templates in Salesforce.
  • D: Choose a Cirrus Insight template folder (after clicking the radio button).
  • E: Create a new template (and save to either Salesforce or Cirrus Insight).
  • F: Search for a template by name (results are filtered based on your selection of either Salesforce templates or Cirrus Insight templates).
  • G: See a preview of the template.
  • H: Edit the template.

4. After selecting the template, double-check the preview before clicking Continue.

5. Cirrus Insight will then create drafts of all the emails you initiated by choosing recipients and a template in the previous steps. 

Choose the Cirrus Insight features you want to enable (Add to Salesforce, Email Tracking, Send Later, and/or Follow-up). If needed, you can review the drafts and even send the emails one-by-one. If not, just select the Send All button.

Note: Cirrus Insight will automatically create a new Gmail label based on the name of your Campaign. Select the label from the left-side menu in Gmail to review all the emails tagged with that label.

Reviewed Jan. 2020

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