How do I invite multiple attendees to a meeting?


Book Meeting makes it easy to invite multiple attendees to a meeting. Use Book Meeting's Invitees field to set up the full guest list (instead of Outlook's To/CC fields), and then send the proposed times to a single primary recipientOnce that individual selects a time, the full guest list will be invited to the resulting calendar event.


1. From any outgoing email, add a single primary recipient in the email's To field.

  • NOTE: Avoid entering more than email address here. Add more invitees in step 3.

2. Select Book Meeting from the Cirrus Insight email menu.

3. From the Book Meeting pop-out window, enter additional invitees' email addresses into the Add Invitees field.

4. Add any other event details* and select your available times.

    5. Click the red Insert Times button.

    *Title and Location are required fields.

    • Title will auto-fill with the event organizer and the primary recipient's names.
    • Location will auto-fill with the value you last used but can be modified at any time.
    • Location can accommodate URLs for meeting services (e.g. Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams), phone numbers, or physical locations/addresses.

    6. After you insert times into the email, the Invitees line displays all the individuals that will receive a calendar event invitation.

    7. Send the email. 

    After the primary recipient chooses one of your meeting times, Book Meeting will automatically create a calendar event. You and everyone in the invitee list will be invited to the event.

    Updated March 2021

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