How do I choose whether a contact or an account is automatically displayed in the side panel?


When you open an email or hover over an email address in your inbox, Cirrus Insight will automatically search Salesforce and then display the matching Salesforce record in the sidebar. Depending on your setting, you can choose to either display the matching contact record or the account record tied to that email address. Follow the steps below to adjust that setting.


1. From the Outlook home menu, select the Cirrus Insight Settings icon.

2. Select Account Information from the menu on the left.

3. Choose your Enable Account Snapshot setting.

  • Contact view: Keep the Enable Account Snapshot setting unchecked if you want to automatically display contact records in the sidebar (default setting).
  • Account view: Check the Enable Account Snapshot box if you'd prefer to display account records rather than contacts.

Updated March 2021

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