How do I create a Lead or Contact?

When you open an email, Cirrus Insight will search for a corresponding record in Salesforce based on the sender's email address. 

If a corresponding record does not exist in Salesforce, Cirrus Insight provides the option to create a Lead or a create a Contact.

Any existing records that have the same domain or similar email addresses are also presented for you to choose from. If one or more are displayed, choose the correct record if it's presented.

In this example, the displayed records were for other individuals, so a new Lead record will be created. 

Click the Lead button. 

How do I create a Lead or Contact?

2. In the New Lead window, add the Lead's information. Note the fields in orange font are required. Scroll to see all the possible input fields. 

Click on the Save button when completed. 

The next time an email is received from this person, Cirrus Insight will recognize him as a Lead and automatically display a snapshot of the information you've inputted.

How do I create a Lead or Contact?

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