For Admins: How do I set the Probability (%) field to Visible in Salesforce?


Users likely need "Visible" access to the Salesforce Probability (%) field if they encounter these errors when trying to access opportunity records in Cirrus Insight:

  • Error: "There was a problem searching for a record. Please try again."
    • Situation: Using Add to Salesforce to relate an email to an Opportunity.
  • Error: "Failed to get list. 412"
    • Situation: Viewing the Opportunities Related List in the side panel.


1. From Salesforce Setup, engage the Object Manager tab.

2. Open Opportunity from the list.

3. From the left-side menu, choose Fields and Relationships.

4. Search for and select Probability (%).

5. Click the Set Field-Level Security button.

6. Check the Visible box for the affected user's profile.

7. To reflect the changes, either refresh Cirrus Insight org-wide from the Dashboard or direct the user to refresh Cirrus Insight from Settings.