Searching for Salesforce Records in Gmail

You get an email from a prospect. By the time you’ve loaded Salesforce, you could have already sent a reply. There’s a faster way to have all the information you need without slowing down. 

Instantly see the customer data you need in your inbox, including a complete activity history. No more searching Salesforce and switching back-and-forth to your inbox. As you open an email, you'll immediately see a snapshot summary of the sender's records in Salesforce. Looking for cases, tasks, opportunities, events, or lead and contact information? It’s all there. You can even edit those records from the Cirrus Insight side panel.

You’ll also see valuable contact information like their location, local time, and phone number. Use this information to craft your emails with full knowledge of the customer and avoid having to look them up in Salesforce.

Any customer facing team, from sales to support, will be able to respond faster and with more complete information using Cirrus Insight.


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