Salesforce Integration Guide

Attach provides a way of integrating with Salesforce to allow you to map Attach document visits back into your CRM system.

High-level workflow:

When a viewer views a document, they are identified by Attach by their email address (at a minimum). Attach immediately queries SalesForce to determine if this is an existing Contact on an Account, an existing Lead or a new Lead that does not exist in your SalesForce Database.

If the viewer exists in your SalesForce database, a new Task/Calendar Event is created against their record to show which document they viewed and a summary of the amount of time they spent viewing is appended to the Task. A custom field, AttachId is also appended to the viewer’s record so that Attach can update the summary Task as the user continues to move through the document.

If the viewer does not exist in your SalesForce database, a new Lead is created with the viewer’s name, email and the company you specified when you created the Attach link. The Lead is marked as owned by the SalesForce account used for the integration and a new Task is appended to this Lead as above. You can disable the automatic creation of Leads should you not wish to use this functionality. In this case, the new leads will be visible in the SalesForce Integration tab of the Attach app and you can choose to manually copy the data to SalesForce or export for use in another tool.

Permissions Required:

Attach connects to SalesForce as the user and needs the following permissions to be able to insert records into your SalesForce database:
- Insert Task
- Update Task
- Insert Lead
- Update Contact

If the user does not have the required level of permissions, the update will fail but still be visible (and can be retried) from the SalesForce Integration tab in Attach.

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